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Inferno Legends
MMORPG game, in this game you will have to acquire new skills to fight your enemies. want to be a devil, this hell will have the opportunity to be, gets to be a true legend. [...]
Ancient Summoner
Card game turn based RPG, begins a battle against all types of orcs and others trying to eliminate you, explore the mysterious world with your magic cards. in this magical [...]
American Dad vs Family Guy 2
Kung Fu Turbo Edition, Enjoy all the characters from American Dad and Family Guy fighting each other, select the character that you like these two famous cartoon series on [...]
Crazy Zombie v3.0
Fighting game with a style street fighter in which you can select one of the players you want to face in the street fighting of the game, fighting zombie dogs and other [...]
Anime Battle 1.5
Battle between naruto, bleach, one piece, fairy tale, and many more heroes from popular anime or classic arcade fighting games. 2 new character from the BlazBlue game is [...]
Fairy Tail Vs One Piece v0.7
New version of this great fighting game which added new characters to Gajeel and Erza of Fairy Tail. Hancock and Sanji from One Piece. Also added more maps. Enjoy the most [...]
Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.5
Want to be sure to be the best wrestler of all time using wrestlers from the legendary Dragon Ball Z series, play in the best tournaments to help Goku and his friends to get [...]
Super Tramp
The former mercenary now a drunken bum is a little tired of the police and people treat you badly and you want to take justice into their own hands, you have to fight against [...]
The King of Fighters Wing Ex v1.0
Prepares you for the best competition fighting the world and sure to win all the battles, which have to be pretty sure to win every opponent that you submit in order to be [...]
Bleach vs Naruto 1.9
Want to make sure the top of the fight as champion comes from the hand of these two famous characters Bleach and Naruto will have to fight in heavy fighting one on one, you [...]
Egg Knight
Fighting game turns, manages a number of warriors and enters a realm repeleto estraƱas creatures who try to destroy you, buy upgrades in the shop for your warriors and [...]
Strike Of Rage
Fighting game with a retro classic style, in which after a hard day's work as your boss does not pay you and you're sure you do not need a lawyer and you're tired, starts to [...]
Nunchuck Charlie a Love Story
Fighting game for one or two players, Nunchuck Charlie lies in the security of your home is safe and secure when Queen chigeon suddenly appears to kidnap his precious teddy [...]
Fairy Tail v1.0
Good fighting game based on the manga series Fairy Tail. Select your favorite character and start the series becomes an incredible fight, enfretante the biggest fighters [...]

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