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War of Cells
Description Take control of a powerful alien lifeform, that has been buried for aeons...waiting to unleash its unique powers. Prepare yourself for an amazing voyage - a whole microcosm awaits your exploration. Customize and evolve in three different skilltrees: expander, enhancer and preserver. Choose between dozens of skills and strategies. Over 7 hours of gaming fun. Instructions W,S,A,D = move your cell MOUSE = fire Q and E = rotate pods TAB = switch player cells C = pods follow mouse ESC and P = options/pause M = toggle minimap F = toggle frames 1,2,3 = fire pod 1,2,3 Update July 1st, 2010: We have made an update on the game including, but not limited to: - Enhanced visibility of molecules and enemy cells - Added a more visible difference between day and night - Fixed "Guardians" bug - Fixed "Injection pod" not counting towards the mission goal bug - Fixed tooltips not vanishing bug - Fixed a bunch of typos - Removed "auto pause" - "Restoration" and - "Healing Light" now has slighty reduced energy cost - "Molecules" will give slighty more energy - "DNA Extraction" now shows a number on how many HP you have restored - Balanced difficulty setting on hard - Optimized initial loading time ========================= July 7th, 2010: We've beeing working hard (only football, sleep and food breaks) to make an update to the game: - We have included AI for minion cells - You may now change pods with just 1 click - We have added +/- buttons on the skill tab - Fixed a problem with hidden level 5 not showing up - Fixed the minimap on "Boiling Geyser" - We have made Challenge und Intrusion buttons slidable - Challenge und Intrusion Buttons will now show up after loading - Yeah, erhm, we turned the sun .-) - Fixed another bunch of typos

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